Date: June 15-18

Venue: Kafal House Pangot, Nainital

Join us in the hills of Pangot where Evolution Hatha Yoga, offers the purified essence of Yogic sciences with pranic diet, Ayurveda, panchakarma, massages and several rejuvenating activities to give you an experience of a whole new dimension of wellbeing.

Pangot is a scenic hamlet near Nainital, home to varieties of birds, very pristine and highly energized an ideal location for of naturally achieving a certain mastery over the mind, body & soul. The nature trails of Pangot are surrounded by a lush forest and have spectacular views.


Why Hatha Yoga.

  1. For getting relief from chronic physical ailments, there is no parallel to hatha yoga.
  2. Hatha yoga is a very proven technique to give tangible result in your mental distress and issues.
  3. Capability enhancement and capacity building is commonly associated with hatha yoga.
  4. You can reduce your ageing process tremendously.
  5. You can take charge of your life in your hand.


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